Facials 'spa'- cifically for you!

Our aestheticians and skin specialists are experts at customizing treatments based on the individual needs of each skin type and condition.

Platinum Facial – (90 minutes)

Our Platinum Facial is the ultimate clarifying and hydrating treatment, tailored to your skin type. Enjoy a relaxing massage with a moisturizing and exfoliating series of skin-specific remedies. This series begins with a therapeutic light enzyme mask to remove dead skin, followed by extractions and a Diamond Dermalinfusion. The Diamond Dermalinfusion exfoliates with moderate suction in addition to an infusion of clarifying and lightening solutions to cleanse and replenish the skin simultaneously.  This facial is concluded with an Oxygen Facial for a bright, smooth and radiant surface.

Red Carpet Facial –  (90 minutes)

The Red Carpet Facial is ideal to prepare for a big event, it begins with an enzyme peel which gently removes dead skin, we then begin the dermaplaning process which gently removes vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) and dead skin.  Your skin is steamed to clean pores, dissolve impurities, and even skin tone while doing extractions. Following the exfoliation and extraction an Oxygen Facial delivers pure oxygen and anti-aging serum at a high pressure, which is safe for all skin types, through an airbrush to the face, leaving skin plump, hydrated and glowing. This facial is concluded with a massage to leave you relaxed and ready to rock the Red Carpet!

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial – (90 minutes)

An Oxygen Facial instantly delivers smooth skin with reduced appearance of wrinkles, increased skin volume, and improved skin tone. Fine lines and blemishes appear visibly reduced, skin looks rejuvenated, radiant and fresh.  People who use Oxygen Facials say this facial improves makeup application because it gives the skin a bright, smooth and moisturized surface. Unlike some treatments, makeup can be applied right after the Oxygen Facial which makes this treatment perfect for the day of an event. Oxygen Facials revolutionize the use of Hyaluronic Acid to stimulate collagen which is vital to maintaining the skin’s layers and structure. This facial delivers cooling, calming and pressurized oxygen with an airbrush to increase absorption of the anti-aging serums used, and naturally improves your skin’s moisture levels. Collagen gives the skin firmness, but pure oxygen and our custom serums nourish and hydrate existing collagen for instant results for a brightened, glowing and lifted appearance.

Sake Brightening Facial – (60 minutes)

The Sake Brightening Facial is a treatment used to smooth, soften, hydrate, heal, balance, tone and refine skin. The unique facial uses sake wine as a melanin suppressant to brighten the skin for a longer lasting youthful glow. Sake wine also helps stimulate collagen rejuvenation to minimize fine lines for a luminous complexion. During your facial receive a relaxing massage as your skin is steamed to clean pores, dissolve impurities and even skin tone before doing extractions.

Elite Facial – (60 minutes)

The Elite Facial gives you an hour of tranquil remedies to calm, cleanse and revitalize your skin. Enjoy all the essentials with a deep cleanse using skin-specific serums and masks followed by renewing exfoliation and extractions followed by a restoring massage.

Rosacea Facial – (30 minutes)

The Rosacea Facial is perfect to soothe irritated, inflamed, sensitive or reactive skin. A green tea cleanser is used to calm rosacea-prone skin and provide antiseptic support while soothing any skin irritations with a milk mask. This facial will leave you will minimize the inflamed appearance from Rosacea leaving you refreshed and relieved.

Express Facial – (30 minutes)

The Express Facial is great for those on-the-go and for teens. Enjoy all the essentials with a thorough cleanse using skin-specific serums and masks followed by renewing exfoliation and extractions.

Dermaplaning – (45 minutes)

Dermaplaning is used to immediately improve skin tone, texture and clarity. It is a safe and highly effective physical method of exfoliation that utilizes a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair “peach fuzz.” This is safe for all skin types, and results in a smoother, brighter complexion with no downtime. Patients love how even their makeup lies on the skin post treatment.

Diamond Dermalinfusion – (45 minutes)

The Diamond Dermalinfusion is the most advanced skin hydrating and exfoliating treatment available today for all skin types for both men and women. It is the only procedure that exfoliates and infuses skin-specific dermaceuticals simultaneously. The one-of-a-kind diamond tip is able to exfoliate the skin using light suction and skin-specific hydrating, lightening and clarifying solutions to cleanse and replenish the skin. Each of the cleansing solutions have compounds that uniquely target varying skin types to restore, hydrate and improve skin tone.

Natura Bissé Facials 

Diamond White Facial – (60 minutes)

The Diamond White Facial is a treatment that evens skin tone using revolutionary ingredients. While the long term results are the reduction and prevention of aging skin, it specifically treats pigmentation disorders to deeply rejuvenates and renews the skin. This is a relaxing treatment that requires no down time and can be done up to every two weeks.

Diamond White Facial + Pyruvic – (4 – 60 minute treatments)

The Pyruvic system is used to lighten and even the skin tone. It reduces existing spots on the skin while preventing the formation of new ones. This treatment instantly hydrates, illuminates, and soothes the skin. The Diamond White Facial + Pyruvic includes a glowing mask, a luxurious cleanse, a skin-specific master peel followed by toning and lightening lotion to give your face a light, rejuvenated look and feel. 4 sessions (15 days between each) makes up one treatment cycle. This can be done 1-2 times per year. Once the patient has had the Diamond White Facial – with Pyruvic it is important to continue proper aftercare at home in order to maintain and enhance the results.

Facial Upgrades