Semi-Permanent Cosmetics



Makeup that lasts.

Semi-Permanent Cosmetics are used to define and enhance your natural appearance without the hassle of daily application. Enlighten offers several semi-permanent cosmetic treatments which include microblading the eyebrows, semi-permanent eyeliner, and full lip contour. These treatments subtly compliment the shape and contours of your face as well as a lasting effect to enjoy everyday.  Each treatment requires a 2 step application process, the initial appointment includes consultation and initial application, the second appointment is 6 weeks to touch up and ensure longevity of the colors used.  Results vary depending on treatment specific aftercare precautions and maintenance.



Microblading is the newest and most natural choice to achieving spectacular eyebrows. This technique is a unique process tailored to benefit individuals who desire brow definition, to cover gaps of lost hair, to extend an area, or full reconstruction if the brows have little/no hair.

How it Works:

Our expert utilizes the patient approved shape and color while creating natural strokes that blend in and enhance your existing eyebrows. Microblading is not a tattoo, this technique is uniquely applied by hand using a small blade dipped in pigment to make thin, hair-like strokes, one by one.  Choosing an artist with expertise and impressive technique is critical for achieving impressing naturally enhanced brows; Because each stroke is done individually, the artist is able to perfect the patient specific shape, color and density.

The treatment begins with developing the desired shape, then coloring in the area to plot the shape and style you prefer. The color choice is patient specific and is mixed using a natural selection of semi-permanent micropigments to complement hair color and skin tone. Varying shades of hypoallergenic micropigments react differently with each skin type and fade accordingly, depending on skin regimen, sun exposure, environmental and after care precautions.

Immediately post treatment, eyebrows will appear darker than expected, but will fade 50% during the healing process over the following 2 weeks. The 2nd application 6 weeks later includes a touch up to ensures micropigments are healing properly and responding well. Microblading, although semi-permanent, lasts between 6 – 18 months if proper aftercare instructions are maintained.


Lip Contour:

Full Lip Contour is a revolutionary way to take years off your appearance. This technique is used to define, contour, shape and brighten the appearance of the lips to repurpose time and effort spent applying lip liner and lipstick throughout the day.

How it Works:

The technique used to create the lip contour is similar to a tattoo, our experts use only natural shades of semi-permanent hypoallergenic micropigments to compliment the skin tones creating a defined appearance. The goal is not to create a lasting a dramatic lip color similar to lipstick, the goal is to subtly enhance the natural look for a youthful effect. Blending natural shades together create a blush appearance which defines the border of the lip and softly blend the pigment into the lips to create a flattering and contoured look. This unique application of semi-permanent cosmetics allows patients to appreciate a contoured effect without applying lipstick daily, as well as the option to apply varying styles and shades if desired.

Although the micropigments used are semi-permanent, patients can enjoy the enhancing effects from a subtle lip contour for up to 3 years. We recommend this treatment in tandem with Juvederm for patients that desire beautiful full lips in addition to the defining contour of this treatment.


Semi-Permanent Eyeliner:

Semi-permanent eyeliner is a way to mimic the appearance and reduce the daily use of traditional eyeliners. The dramatic use of eyeliner can vary frequently, even day-to-day, our solution introduces a defined and lasting result without the varying appearance of a daily application.

How it Works:

Everyday eyeliner is typically applied on the eyelid just above the lash line, an application which permits styles and preferences of shape and color vary regularly. Semi-permanent eyeliner is gently applied within the lash line, which delivers noticeable definition to your natural eye shape and color. The technique used is similar to a tattoo, our experts use only natural shades of semi-permanent hypoallergenic pure pigments to compliment the skin and eye tones giving the eye a defined look that lasts. This unique application of semi-permanent cosmetics allows patients to enjoy an enhanced look without applying daily eyeliner, as well as the freedom to vary styles of makeup as desired.

Although the pure pigments used are semi-permanent, patients see the enhancing effects from semi-permanent eyeliner for up to 5 years. We recommend this treatment in tandem with Lash Lift + Tint for patients that want full lashes in addition to the defining element our semi-permanent cosmetics convey.

Numbing cream is an option to reduce any sensitivity. Please let the front desk know if you would like to numb for your treatment, this means you will have to come into the office 30-45 min before your scheduled appointment.