Looking for the Best Laser Hair Removal in Dallas?

Enlighten MD is the go to destination for the best Laser Hair Removal Dallas. In 2004 Laser Hair Removal put us on the map and we were in business!

How Long Has Enlighten MD been Offering the best Laser Hair Removal Dallas TX?

LHR technology has been available for 15 years altogether and we have been offering it for nearly 14 years. Correspondingly, the technology has advanced significantly over the years. We have state-of-the-art and advanced technology available, and are proud to offer the leading laser hair removal machine on the marketplace. We are called the best place to get laser hair removal in Dallas from nearly every local publication in addition to many notable beauty bloggers too.

Best laser hair removal results Dallas
Before and after of laser hair removal on the sideburns


What is the LHR Process?

Melanin, which is pigment found in the skin is targeted with light energy. Light is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the follicle enough to halt future growth.

6-7 treatments will substantially reduce if not completely eradicate the targeted hair. Each session can be scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. It takes multiple treatments to fully stunt the hair follicle. In summary, results vary from person to person depending on skin and hair color.


Process of laser hair removal
Laser hair removal in action


Who is the best candidate for laser hair removal

A person who has light skin and dark hair is the easiest to treat. If the skin is light and the hair is dark then the laser is easily able to distinguish what to treat. Comparatively, when hair is dark and the skin is dark, the laser can’t find the follicle. Similarly, if the skin is very light and so is the hair, the laser wont work. As shown below.


best laser hair removal Dallas
best candidate for laser hair removal


Ideal age for the best results of laser hair removal

There is no age minimum, but we do not treat anyone younger than 13. In brief, young people that are not finished maturing will develop new hair as they grow and will require touch ups to maintain the result. Comparatively, older patients that have grey or white hair will not respond to the laser.


Does LHR hurt?

Most of our patient’s say that LHR feels like a light rubber band snap. Everyone’s pain tolerance is uniquely different. We encourage our sensitive patients to come in early for numbing cream as well.

According to a happy patient, “The best laser hair removal Dallas is at Enlighten MD. With all the years of staff experience combined with the best technology available, it’s a clear choice. I’m so happy with my results and have saved so much shaving time in the shower. No pain. No problem.”



What are the most popular areas treated with LHR?

The most commonly treated areas are: female facial hair removal, bikini line hair, underarm hair, and the front and back of the neck on men. As shown below.


The results of treatment from the best laser hair removal in Dallas

Before and after images on our website: enlightenmd.com/laser-hair-removal/


Best Laser Hair removal Dallas for Men

The most popular areas treated with laser hair removal for men is on the front and back of the neck and between the eyebrows. In addition, the full back and chest are also popular. No more razor burn and no more ingrown hair!

In conclusion, Enlighten MD has been treating patients with laser hair removal for over 14 years. As shown above our proof is in the results.






Author: Enlighten

Enlighten was founded by Kari Feinstein in 2004 with the purpose of helping people look their best. Today, with state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated staff with every client’s best interest in mind, Enlighten offers real results for nearly every inch of the body with the privacy, services and setting fit for the most discerning clientele.

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