CoolScuplting: The Fat Freezer

Coolsculpting fat freezing
Coolsculpting fat removal

Coolsculpting fat removal is here to stay! Our patients love it so much that we bought a second machine so you can enjoy multiple treatment areas at a time. Are you working out coupled with dieting, but still not seeing the results you want?  No matter the cause of extra fat, CoolSculpting fat removal is what you need to get your body to look the way you want it to. Benefits include:

  • • Eliminates stubborn fat.
  • • Tones and sculpts the treated area.
  • • Body firming and contouring.

What is CoolSculpting fat removal:

CoolSculpting is a permanent solution to removing stubborn fat without surgery, pain, or downtime. The process works by freezing fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue.  In fact, removal of fat can be achieved in as little as 1 or 2 treatments.

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The process:

A cold pad is placed over the treatment area and then the excess fat is targeted and frozen with the CoolSculpting hand piece for 30 – 1 hour (depending on the area). Coolsculpting fat removal freezes fat cells causing them to die off and then be naturally eliminated by the body. 

What can be expected:

25% fat reduction in the treated area. Some tenderness, redness, swelling and bloating is normal post-treatment. 

Is Coolsculpting fat removal permanent:

CoolSculpting is permanent! Just don’t go on an all-SNICKERS diet of course 😉 The results are long lasting and are permanent if used additionally to healthy eating and regular exercise.

What areas can be treated:

Coolsculpting treatment areas
Possible Coolsculpting fat removal treatment areas

What To Expect:

During your initial consultation, your CoolSculpting clinician will work with you to create the best possible treatment plan. For the most part, within one treatment you will be able to see a difference if not reach your goal entirely. Additionally, using different applicators allows us to design a custom treatment plant that expedites your fat removal goals.


Treatment Day:

A gel pad and applicator are placed on the treated area and the applicator delivers controlled cooling to the targeted area of fat. Generally speaking, for the most part our clients take a nap during the treatment as there is little to no discomfort.



Check out some of Enlighten’s incredible results as shown below:

lCoolsculpting fat removal of the flanks
Coolsculpting fat removal on the back
before and after Coolsculpting fat removal of the flanks and back.
Coolsculpting fat removal before and after treatment of the love handles

Click here for more CoolSculpting photos.

Men can lose their muffin top too! Click here to see CoolSculpting in action!

Celebrities love this fat freezing treatment too:



  • Khloe Kardashian


Coolsculpting fat removal is a permanent solution
Khloe Kardashian gets Coolsculpting fat removal as can be seen in New Beauty


In conclusion, if you have unwanted stubborn fat, given these points above, Coolsculpting is a clear choice over painful surgery! More information on the removal of fat:


Author: Enlighten

Enlighten was founded by Kari Feinstein in 2004 with the purpose of helping people look their best. Today, with state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated staff with every client’s best interest in mind, Enlighten offers real results for nearly every inch of the body with the privacy, services and setting fit for the most discerning clientele.

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