Body Sculpting for Cool Curves

Freeze away unwanted fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that effectively addresses stubborn fat from troublesome areas without the downtime, stress or possible complications from surgical alternatives. Achieving a tight, toned and sculpted figure (in combination with a healthy lifestyle of course!) can be achieved with one or more treatment sessions for a wide variety of areas on the body. CoolSculpting produces results by delivering controlled cooling to carefully targeted fat cells – without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. The targeted fat cells are frozen and then eliminated through the body’s natural process over the next several weeks. This solution was designed specifically to target areas that are resistant to diet and exercise with prime candidates being within a normal BMI range. If you are considering body sculpting and contouring but do not fall into this category, learn more about our TruSculpt iD treatment.



The CoolSculpting Treatment helps with:

Is the CoolSculpting Treatment for you?

  1. Are you someone who suffers from stubborn fat and are not able to get rid of it through diet and exercise? CoolSculpting was designed specifically to treat these concerns for clients that are within a normal BMI range.
  2. Looking to tighten loose, lax skin as well as achieve body contouring results? We offer a range of treatments including Ultherapy and TruSculpt iD which can be used in combination with CoolSculpting to tighten loose skin while contouring trouble areas.
  3. Are you looking for a non-surgical body contouring solution that can treat individual areas of concern with no downtime? This treatment can address a wide range of troublesome areas on the body and requires absolutely no downtime.
  4. Is CoolSculpting best in a series or is only a single treatment session needed? CoolSculpting can be used as a single treatment session or in a series. At Enlighten MD, we don’t believe in one size fits all for any treatment, so we always recommend a consultation with one of our certified experts who can tailor a treatment plan for your individual goals.
  5. Looking to have multiple areas treated simultaneously? We offer Dual CoolSculpting which allows us to treat two areas at once to maximize your time.
  6. Can CoolSculpting be used in a Combination Therapy? Yes, CoolSculpting is often used in combination therapies with other laser or RF treatments for highly targeted results. In each consultation with our experts, a custom tailored treatment plan is outlined which takes into consideration each client’s goals, history and other factors.
  7. Did you know?! Enlighten MD has successfully completed over 2,000 CoolSculpting procedures! Also, CoolSculpting is FDA cleared for permanently destroying fat cells in areas of the body that have been resistant to diet and exercise in the body.