Goodbye Hyperpigmentation. Hello Permea.

Tired of trying to hide your melasma or hyperpigmentation? Permea was specifically designed to combat these two stubborn conditions. This highly specific laser treatment is extremely effective in treating melasma and hyperpigmentation on the face and body in a series for cumulative results.

The Permea Treatment helps with:

Is the Permea Treatment for you?

  1. Are you frequently in the sun but in need of a targeted laser treatment? Permea is a safe and effective treatment year round, so you can enjoy the sun…in moderation of course.
  2. Do you have an extreme case of melasma or hyperpigmentation? In these cases Permea may be best in combination with another laser therapy. We always recommend a consultation prior to any treatment so we can custom tailor the right treatment plan for you.
  3. Is Permea effective in a single treatment session? Permea will produce results in one treatment, however, a series is always recommended for broad, cumulative results.