Skin tightening is all the rage.

Skin tightening lotions and creams can only do so much. Thermage kick starts the body’s own natural collagen renewal process by using focused radiofrequency below the skin surface to address a wide range of surface imperfections that are a result of age and environmental factors. This treatment helps reverse effects of aging on your skin by tightening and improving laxity from loss of collagen production. Thermage can be performed to contour trouble areas such as: arms, abdomen, upper thighs and knees. A single treatment delivers real results, and doesn’t involve downtime that comes with surgery.

How it Works:

Thermage contours problem areas with non-invasive focused radio frequency energy, which firms and tightens target areas. This is used on the skin’s underlying tissue to stimulate natural collagen creation resulting in youthful and tightened skin. Thermage begins with a cooling effect on the skin for comfort and safety of surface layers followed by the the heating of collagen fibers that helps significantly smooth and tighten the skin. The combination of heat energy and cooling treats deep tissue while protecting the skin surface to deliver better patient comfort as well as firming results that are dramatic and effective.

Numbing cream is an option to reduce any sensitivity. Please let the front desk know if you would like to numb for your treatment, this means you will have to come into the office 30-45 min before your scheduled appointment.