Vanish fat permanently.

American women and men are squeezing into jeans and thinking, “If only I could be one size smaller.” No need to wish anymore! Vanquish is a non-invasive, no touch, deep heating procedure used to destroy your fat cells and significantly slim problem areas permanently.  

How it Works:

Radio frequency targets fat cells without injuring other tissue. Vanquish is used to target excess fat on the front abdominal, lower back and the dreaded “love handle” areas. This treatment is not intended for major weight loss, but for the treatment of problem areas, average loss of waist circumference after treatment of the waist and flanks is 2.25 – 4 inches. A full series is comprised of 1 – 4 sessions spaced a week apart. The adjustable panels do not contact the skin making treatments comfortable, with no pain or downtime.