TruSculpt ID

Meet TruScuplt iD – Because True Results are Priceless

Melt away unwanted, excess fat while tightening skin to reveal the curves you love. TruSculpt iD offers personalized body sculpting and skin tightening complete with no downtime and only 15 minute treatment sessions needed.  Using powerful radio frequency during each non-invasive treatment session, TruSculpt iD addresses targeted areas where stubborn fat lingers such as arms, legs and abdomen. Plus, this treatment is completely customizable to achieve highly targeted results per client while also effectively treating clients with a higher body fat percentage unlike other treatments available. So, break out those sleeveless shirts and little black dresses to show off your refined look with confidence.

The TruScuplt iD Treatment helps with:

Is the TruSculpt ID Treatment for you?

  1. Do you diet and exercise, but suffer from hard to treat, small pockets of fat due to stubborn genetics? TruSculpt iD is able to be customized so small, irregular pockets of fat can be addressed safely and effectively.
  2. Have you previously not been a candidate for body sculpting or body contouring procedures like CoolSculpting? TruSculpt iD treats a much broader range of body types than any other body sculpting or contouring treatment available.
  3. Why does Enlighten MD choose to stand behind treatments like TruSculpt iD while also offering treatments like CoolSculpting? Enlighten MD recognizes treatments are not one size fits all and is proud to offer the latest and most effective solutions that can address a wide range of aesthetic concerns. For example, while CoolSculpting is successful in addressing certain trouble spots, it is highly specific in the areas in can and cannot treat. Additionally, it does not offer skin tightening benefits while TruSculpt iD does.
  4. Looking for a powerful combination therapy? Known as the fire and ice duo, TruSculpt iD and CoolSculpting can be combined to freeze away unwanted fat while heating things up to tighten skin. Enlighten MD believes customized treatment plans offer the best results, which is why starting with a consultation is key to developing a personalized approach to revealing your results.